(1994-00) Equinox, Channel 4 TV

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(1994-00) Equinox, Channel 4 TV

Post by Ross » Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:57 am

Equinox; Channel 4 TV 1994

Narrator: And pushing techno creativity even further are the people behind these images: FSOL, the Future Sound of London. They were acid-house pioneers back in '88. Today, FSOL describe themselves as 'master editors'. They suck the sounds and images that we're all bombarded with into their machines. They mutate and retransmit them. Anything is up for grabs - street sounds can be turned into music, frames of television into art.

Garry Cobain: The whole authorship of sounds changes. We carry on sound that we're receiving. I wasn't the girl screaming in the park, that wasn't me. There's a performance there - she did it; thanks a lot, I took it. Maybe that's why electronic music is around - if you look at the nature of the sounds that we collect, it's basically a very, very cheap way of making yourself look anything but the truth. It's a very clever way of making yourself look like the most cosmopolitan, travelled, interesting, multi-headed individual. We're masters of the machine, and that's all, and machines aren't just made with musical intentions in mind these days. There's machines made which are going to revolutionise television. And if the TV companies don't understand it, they don't have to play it, we'll do it exactly the way we've done it with radio: we'll go through small cable-TV stations and work the peripheries until they realise it and they become addicted to it and they have to have it. I judge it from the reactions we get. One of them is impotence - if you're becoming impotent then you've been listening to FSOL. We're just some weird illness that seems to be sweeping the country - it comes through TVs, it comes through radios and it comes through vinyl or art, or whatever. We've had stories about guys stopping midway through fornication. Now that sounds like a pretty good reaction to me, because twice I've heard so much about 'this is the perfect fornication music, baby,' you know. Sounds too ordinary to me, sounds like everybody does that, everybody makes the perfect f**king music. What, I mean we're not into f**king, you know. If we can make people impotent, we're doing something.

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