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(1994-00) Echoes Radio

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:12 pm
by Ross
Echoes Radio 1994 - Interview excerpt

Interviewer: Now the first single under FSOL was Papua New Guinea.
Garry Cobain: Yeah.
Interviewer: Is that Lisa Gerard on there?
Garry Cobain: (Ha-ha) no, no. It's me through a pitch harmonizer. No it isn't, yes, is it. Who knows? Could be.
Brian Dougans: They arise
Garry Cobain: They kind of arise.
Interviewer: So we're treading on dangerous ground here?
Brian Dougans: (inaudible).. whoever doesn't have a problem
Garry Cobain: Eggshell, as the title on the album suggests. You're treading on an eggshell, don't crack it.