(1996-10-26) BBC Radio 1

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(1996-10-26) BBC Radio 1

Post by Ross » Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:58 pm

Steve Lamacq Session BBC Radio 1 26th October 1996

Interviewer: We should be able to go now then, by the miracles of modern technology, the ISDN line, to join Future Sound of London somewhere in their own studio. Are you there chaps?

Garry Cobain: Hi Steve, how are you doing?

Interviewer: Hey! [laughs] What's that - is that what you call soundchecking in the background?

Garry Cobain: There's a bit of chaos going on here, yeah.

Interviewer: A bit of chaos, ok. So you're going to do this live thing to us this afternoon

Garry Cobain: You spoke to me yesterday, Steve.

Interviewer: Did I?

Garry Cobain: You did, do you not remember? Do you remember sitting outside a café and some guy yelling at you out of the back of a cab?

Interviewer: Oh, that was you! Sorry, I must've not had my contact lenses in, and just sort of waving at people. It's very strange that, don't you get that yourself sometimes, where you bump into people and it takes you about an hour or two, or two days later you suddenly remember who it was, that sort of thing. But anyway, we're talking this up, this idea that you're playing from your own studio, but you should tell us where it is. If it's only down the road, it's not very miraculous, is it? Where is it?

Garry Cobain: It's in seedy Dollis Hill.

Interviewer: Right, ok. You're going to do loads of these things, you're going to try and do a tour without having to actually leave the studio, is that right?

Garry Cobain: Yeah, and it's kind of rebounded as a little bit. What started off as a good idea has now come around to the idea that we're actually doing two stations a night for about twenty nights around the album release, all round the world in fact. Israel, America.

Interviewer: How do you cope, because I suppose there's time differences as well as all these things?

Garry Cobain: Yeah, well, some of them are like four in the morning, some of the states ones. We're thinking about maybe getting some kind of automated system that we can activate from home.

Interviewer: That will just switch you on, you mean?

Garry Cobain: Yeah [laughs] So we can actually not be here at all. It'd be nice.

Interviewer: Still, it cuts down on the touring, I guess then. The proper touring, going in vans and stuff.

Garry Cobain: Yeah, well it's becoming a bit like that now, unfortunately. Obviously we're trying to hook up television and radio in the same context now, but there's a bit more political problems with that. But in the new year we're hopefully hooking up a radio station and TV station together whereby you get image and sound to TV and sound on radio, and you have to hook up both together to get the full thing. That's the next step for us now.

Interviewer: What are the difficulties with doing that?

Garry Cobain: Er, well, I don't know how to do it at the moment!

Interviewer: [laughs] That's a very honest answer at least. You've got the new LP, Dead Cities, I was listening to it the other day again, and it's strange, as it sounds like the music you'd like to have had...

Garry Cobain: Again?

Interviewer: ... as the soundtrack to a Judge Dredd film or something, do you know what I mean? If you read the Judge Dredd comics, it actually has that sort of feeling of urban decay and everything. The future as it could be. Future urban nightmare or something.

Garry Cobain: Right, cool.

Interviewer: So that's the instant review, and you're going to play some music for us. Are you going to do tracks from the album, are you going to do some other things, or...?

Garry Cobain: We're going to do some exclusive stuff and some bits and bobs from the album, yeah.

Interviewer: Ok, tinker away

Garry Cobain: Ok, we're gonna go.

Interviewer: See you at the end.

Live transmission.

Garry Cobain: That's your lot.

Interviewer: Well that sounded great this end. How was it for you, was that alright?

Garry Cobain: It was enjoyable, yeah. My adrenaline's going. I'm trying to keep it down, I've got a bit of an adrenaline disease. It's not too good for me.

Interviewer: Do you ever have things break down on you halfway through a set at all?

Garry Cobain: Yeah, we've had a lot of mess-ups actually. I tried to escape just before, the door's locked here. [laughs]

Interviewer: Can you give us a setlist for everyone who's listening at home?

Garry Cobain: Yeah, what did we play? Erm... 'Herd Killing', 'My Kingdom', what else was there? Brian? 'Max', 'Glass', 'Quagmire' and 'Yage'. That's it.

Interviewer: You gave me a bit of a shock the other day, because on the video for 'My Kingdom', in the cast there's a guy who used to be in Snuff in there, Simon.

Garry Cobain: Yeah, that's right, he sends his love.

Interviewer: How do you know him? He's making mad trip-hop records or something now, isn't he?

Garry Cobain: Well yeah, we've signed him to our new label Electronic Brain Violence, actually.

Interviewer: Oh is that right?

Garry Cobain: He's done some really interesting stuff under the name Headstone Lane. He's always been popping in. At first it started off he was a bit of a blagger, he used to pop in and just hang around, make tea and stuff. One day he dropped off a flyer and said "I'm playing tonight", come and check me out, and we went over to the Kilburn National and there was like 3,000 mad pogoing idiots jumping around while he booted footballs and played trumpets doing cover versions of the Match of the Day theme and stuff.

Interviewer: Yeah, that was Snuff's biggest gig I think at that point. So he's got a record coming out for your label then, you were saying?

Garry Cobain: That's right. He's just bought some new gear at the moment.

Interviewer: Right. What about yourself? Where does the tour go next? Obviously not out of your studio, but you've got a busy schedule.

Garry Cobain: I think we're up to Manchester on Tuesday. I dunno, actually, I've got a schedule here somewhere, somebody's passing it to me as I speak, plug plug. Firth, Manchester, Aberdeen, Leicester then Bristol, Nottingham, Leeds, Derby, Cardiff... oh God.

Interviewer: It's busy.

Garry Cobain: I think on Thursday we've got one day off, and we're trying to decide what we're going to do on that day.

Interviewer: Well make the most of it! Thanks very much for playing for us this afternoon. Cheers. The Future Sound of London, live on Radio 1.

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