(1996-11-11) VPRO Radio

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(1996-11-11) VPRO Radio

Post by Ross » Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:00 pm

VPRO Radio 11th November 1996

Interviewer: Hello London, do you reach me?

Sampler: I'm here!

Interviewer: Welcome from the radio.

Garry Cobain: Hello Holland.

Interviewer: Hello, who is speaking over there?

Garry Cobain: Garry Cobain.

Interviewer: Hi Garry. First, let me congratulate you with your new album Dead Cities.

Garry Cobain: Thank you.

Interviewer: Are there any big ideas behind it?

Sampler: I have to say that's the most amazing story I ever heard.

Interviewer: Should we be afraid of what's going to happen in a few minutes?

Garry Cobain: I don't think so, no. Reassured.

Interviewer: Do you think we still can have sex in about fifty minutes?

Garry Cobain: [laughs]

Interviewer: And could you explain me why there are no collaborations with real superstars on your album? Hey Garry, we don't take no shit from a machine.

Garry Cobain: Love it. Why no collaborations? Because we don't like dealing with egos, really. We'd rather steal, and be a pickpocket. I think we're the best pickpockets in town...

Interviewer: In the world...

Garry Cobain: I like stealing from television and life and the streets, and taking sound from the wastebins of time, and I don't like working with egos. Whenever I work with superstars, I find the ego gets in the way. FSOL isn't about ego, it's about getting rid of that and trying to find something deeper.

Interviewer: Is FSOL about radio broadcasting?

Garry Cobain: FSOL is a world, a world deeper than me. It is whatever we can get our hands on, and right now it's VPRO radio. I have my hands... on you, Holland.

Interviewer: Please take us on a trip to Dead Cities, FSOL. Please...

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