(1994) Ambient Mouse

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(1994) Ambient Mouse

Post by Ross » Wed Jan 22, 2014 5:56 pm

Ambient Mouse: Music on tap from The Future Sound of London

Stand by your Macs! Pop's forays into the internet have been pretty sad so far (Billy Idol's Cyberpunk CD), but mouse-clicking, knob-twiddling ambient musos, The Future Sound of London, have come up with an added concept. They hate the idea of touring - who would pay to see men in bobble hats surrounded by ironing boards? But they do like to do their sweeping Dali-scape "live", so they plan to play tracks from Lifeforms straight from their analogue bunker in NW10 down a digital phone line to radio stations on different nights for broadcast. Simultaneously, anyone with a modem, an internet account, and colour graphics capability on their computer can email fsol@fsol.demon.co.uk (the IP number is and there's a helpline for strugglers on 081-459 3490) for details of how to download a selection of 30-second music bursts and still images like the one pictured, created by the lads and their mate Buggy G. Riphead. The spiny anemone was made using different rendering systems, in this case switching between Silicone Graphics and Macintosh. They also hope to spit out a one-minute Quick Time movie called Yage, which will take about 30 minutes to download. "The days of real-time access to movies on the Net are not yet with us," says Buggy. "But if the people are interested enough, we'll host a conference." So, assuming they have the capacity, you'll be able to converse on-line with other futurists and swap tips about bobble hats and obscure South American hallucinogens like yage.
Londoners can tune in to the Pete Tong show, Radio 1, in the early hours of Sunday morning, 1AM-3AM.

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