Tangerine Dream/Ashra/Shultze....stuff

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Tangerine Dream/Ashra/Shultze....stuff

Post by seedy » Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:42 am

Continuing to explore!

yeah i'm sure some of you would say "you're just learning this stuff NOW??" but please keep in mind i'm american.....thus handicapped ;p

anyhoo I have a good number of tangerine dream albums....and i know pandemonium is a huge TD freak =()
but I would say from the stuff I have it's "just" good....not great to me. just sounds old and noisy to me in a way. i do kind of like those sounds though in that it sounds often pink floydish to me whom i hold dear to my heart :)

Ashra/Ash Ra Tempel.....I forget which of these i liked better when i initially listened to some youtubes. i know one is a band and the other purely electronic?

klaus schultze.....stumbled upon him by looking at a list of "greatest ambient albums" and so i gave some of it a try and it just seemed kinda boring. but i know more...i know he was a part of the above acts...i know he's made a ton of albums so there has to be different styles he's covered to a degree. i just keep seeing his name coming up as a pioneer god so i want to dig a bit deeper before i think he might not be for me.

SO.....what say you my good folks??
what should i be paying the most attention to here especially to anyone that may have a decent idea of my music tastes?
i think one thing about shultze is the beatless stuff. i have a problem listening to much eno as well for this reason though i do like a lot his stuff with david bryne and robert fripp. i used to own music for airports until i sold it hehe. oh yeah.....so might as well add him to the list as well ;)

"ambient".....for a long time i considered this to be beatless music. and obvs that still very much fits the bill but then i learn about fsol which can be considered ambient....orb is ambient house......idk wtf. to me i just call it good music in the end ;)
the beatless stuff i struggle with though unless it's in short doses or just REALLY that good hehe.



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Re: Tangerine Dream/Ashra/Shultze....stuff

Post by Ross » Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:15 am

I really struggle with Tangerine Dream after... probably after Ricochet to be honest. The late 70s stuff is too prog for my liking, and after that it was a slow, painful descent into new age tedium. I know some people are huge fans of their 80s stuff (Poland seems to be popular for reasons I cannot fathom), but generally if it's long, morphing synthscapes without much soloing or guitar wanking it's good with me, otherwise they can go away.

Eno... Discreet Music, Music for Airports, On Land, Apollo and The Pearl (with Harold Budd) are the only ones I care enough about to own. If you're not really into beatless ambient it's probably not a good direction to head in. But make sure you check Apollo if you haven't, at least!

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Re: Tangerine Dream/Ashra/Shultze....stuff

Post by Pandemonium » Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:07 pm

Well, its a looong theme, beatless ambient, kraut-rock... Eno...
The main thing is, because there is Tons of it, to approach it lightly - this means treat it like wallpaper music in the beginning - just make a long playlist of TD, Klaus, Eno, Amon Duul, Popol Vuh, Cluster (Moebius & Roedelius), Conrad Schnitzler, Earthstar, and just listen while you do other stuff, work, travel, talk, eat, whatever, - you don't have to pay attention a lot - and when the brilliant moments come in some album, they will HIT you hard and you will never forget that, - at least this worked for me :)

as to what to listen first, check out this site:

http://www.allmusic.com/artist/tangerin ... iscography" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (link is for TD for example)

this site is OK for older bands, their rating system is 95% accurate, the albums that they recommend are the ones you should start with - and generally everything with 3 stars and above is good. :)
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