(1988-11) Humanoid - Global

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(1988-11) Humanoid - Global

Post by Ross » Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:31 pm

CD (CDHUM 1989) /12" (HUMAN 1989) /Cassette (ZCHUM 1989) - Westside Records

01. Humanoid
02. Tonight
03. Dream
04. Technoid
05. Cry Baby
06. Sunshine & Brick
07. The Deep
08. Slam
09. Crystals
10. Don't Stop

Written by Brian Dougans.
Produced and mixed by Brian Dougans and John Laker.
'The Deep' produced by Peter Black.
Executive producer Morgan Khan.
Mastered by Nimbus.
Vocals on The Deep and Don't Stop by Ben Ofoedu.
Vocals on Tonight by Sharon Benson and Janet Cofie.
Vocals on Sunshine & Brick by Garry Cobain.
Vocals on Slam by Lisa Millett.
Sleeve design by IDEST.

Stakker Humanoid
The Deep

"Humanoid" is better known as "Stakker Humanoid".

"Global" was the first officially released FSOL-related album. Whilst Brian was listed main producer behind the project, Gaz is credited for vocal arrangements and creative input, as well as providing vocals on the industrial-tinged "Sunshine & Brick". Aside from "Sunshine & Brick" and the breakthrough acid house track "[Stakker] Humanoid", the tracks here are generally in a garage/house style, with soul and hip-hop vocals from the variety of credited and uncredited vocalists. After years of being the 'black sheep' in the Dougans / Cobain catalogue, Brian finally explained why the album sounds totally unlike Stakker or, indeed, their past and future projects:

"Humanoid - Global. Now there's a story never told. In short, some tracks are not written by me - I never finished the album I was working on. I lived in a rat infested squat with drug addicts and prostitutes. The record company (West Side / Street Sounds) were FUKIN me - £££ and stitched me right up in contracts. I got very ill - legal stuff - rats - and had to escape. I returned to Glasgow and hid and got well.

In the mean time the record company brought in PETER BLACK who completed the album and wrote several tracks. He was paid off - simultaneously I was arming myself with a lawyer and took West Side to court. In the end I won and own Humanoid and catalogue - but that's why it doesn't sound like either STAKKER Humanoid / FSOL / ZEEBOX.

I worked on Stakker Humanoid / Tonight / Slam / Crystals / Sunshine and Brick - The rest of the tracks are by PETER BLACK.

Interestingly, TONIGHT (The Original) had Gaz singing - it was much better, sounded like THE BELOVED - The Sun Rising - but they (Street Sounds) changed it to some dodgy female...

Some final points:
- All lyrics are actually by Gaz.
- The drums on Crystals are by Dave Ruffy of THE RUTS.
- Sunshine and Brick was theme music to a BBC youth programme and released (illegally under the name HOMEBOY).
- Sunshine and Brick is taken from "Bacteria from a Baboons Stomach" by Twitch - there is also a video for this track.

There's a lot more to that story including Stakker Communication, a separate company, also not playing ball - very messy time."

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